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Tuesday, September 8

Our buses waited at the hostel in Berlin and we had a not too exciting ride back to Stuttgart. Next evening due to a horrific accident on the Autobahn we hardly made it in time for the concert in Homburg / Saar. Changing into concert dress in the bus was an entertaining business - no photos available ... the concert started on time! Back in Stuttgart at 1 in the night everyone was happy to go to sleep rightaway. Friday we met in the Liederhalle. The stage in the Beethovensaal was set up already and we had a long rehearsal with Sven David Sandström attending and inspiring the musicians. All went well and we felt prepared to perform the opening concerts of the Musikfest Stuttgart (formerly known as Europäisches Musikfest Stuttgart). Saturday Händel's Messiah was presented to the Stuttgart audience - and it was another great concert. The ensemble, conductor and soloists truly deserved the ovations that rocked the hall after the concert! Sunday afternoon the stage rehearsal of Sandström's Messiah was used to set up the radio broadcasting equipment - pretty complicated to manage the choir's choreography when changing position for no. 17 through all the microphones and cables without messing all up... But they did well and all went very smooth. So the concert was another triumph - standing ovations for minutes after the final notes for the new MESSIAH, for Helmuth Rilling and the soloists and for an excellent choir and orchestra: you - the FESTIVALENSEMBLE STUTTGART 2009!!! But it wasn't the end yet: after a party in the Hospitalhof with Hollies last movie show (a compilation from many FES summers' greatest video clips) we had to get up early for another long recording session for the world first recording of Sandström's Messiah. That was another huge effort but the musicians took it professionally and so everything was on tape in the afternoon. Now it was time to pack up and prepare or dress for the FES final party... It was a great and a sad party to end this unforgettable wonderful summer with the Festivalensemble and the last ones to leave the place could have easily run into the first ones heading to the airport in the morning...

Comments by Tobias |  Photos by Hollie

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