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Tuesday, August 18

Sven-David Sandström's MESSIAH - a challenging work for singers and instrumentalists has been put together and is now ready for the first tutti rehearsal. To get a first impression we listened to a recording from the world premiere at the Oregon Bach Festival. Let's see (and hear) how we'll do in a few days! I'm looking forward to it! On monday it was about time to relax - a whole day without rehearsals. A boat trip on "MS Gunzo" (most generously initiated by Steffen Müller and sponsored by Ruth-Hertha Thoma) to the Marienschlucht and a lovely walk (we mistakenly told everybody the way up the Marienschlucht and crossing the Bodanrück would be the shorter one - sorry for this!) to Bodman where we had a nice swim and a "saures Radler" made a perfect day to clear the mind and gather new energy for the coming days. Today Helmuth Rilling arrived and started rehearsing with the choir first and continued with our first real tutti (Händel) in the afternoon. Wow, what a full sounding ensemble we have! It's like driving a Ferrari car in a slow traffic zone - you know you have endless power and you know you can master it... Weather is close to perfect every day (and will hopefully stay like this), though it's hard sometimes to find yourself in kind of a sauna singing Händel.

Comments by Tobias |  Photos by Hollie

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