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Thursday, September 3

... it was an easy 8 hours ride and we all arrived safely in our new domicile, the City54Hostel in Berlin's Chausseestrasse - just some blocks away from the house where Bertolt Brecht lived for the last three years of his life. Our Hostel welcomed us with a most remarkable chaotic check-in procedure (in fact, we had to organise everything for ourselves - sorry again for the trouble!), before everybody set off to explore Berlin's Döner places, Indian, Italian, Thai or Currywurscht-Restaurants until late in the evening. Next day's morning and early afternoon served similar purposes including touristic activities and then we met in the Berlin Philharmonie for the first stage rehearsal. Händel's Messiah was performed on Monday evening. The concert was great and the audience applauded the ensemble, soloists and Helmuth Rilling - and this was well deserved! Next day all the places that couldn't be visited on the first morning had to be seen... then again: stage rehearsal, this time Sandström's Messiah. The composer who is travelling with us since the Stuttgart rehearsal listened and was once more impressed with the performance - as was the audience, although it was a little sad to see quite a number of empty seats in the magnificent Philharmonie. After the concert and a drink backstage another long evening in Berlin's bars and dancing halls followed (more touristic obligations had to be fulfilled). The prospect of sleeping another ten hours on the bus next day didn't help much leading the musicians home early...

Comments by Tobias |  Photos by Hollie

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