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Monday, August 31

Just to keep everything in its chronological order: in Stuttgart almost all FES members visited the prelude to the Musikfest Stuttgart - Budesjugendorchester and Budes-Jazzorchester, two state-founded orchestras with many personal connections to the FES musicians (quite some of us have been members of the Bundesjugendorchester a couple of years ago). Next morning they in turn visited our general rehearsal of Sandström's MESSIAH in Stuttgart before taking off to a concert tour through South Africa that same afternoon. Our own musicians set off to Mainz and spent a nice free evening in the historical town centre. Friday night saw the European first performance of the new MESSIAH in the Basilika and that's where all today's photographs were made. It's a wonderful place especially for sacred music and the audience was deeply impressed by the piece. Next evening - as the Rheingau Musik Festival's final concert - we performed Händel's MESSIAH. Although there is still some room for improvements here and there we are happy the concert phase finally has started!

Comments by Tobias |  Photos by Hollie

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