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Monday, August 24

After a short (but cool) night - and Hollie's final movie show - Sunday morning started early. Very early indeed since some corrupted 2-cents part set off a fire alarm just before 7am to end our sweet dreams quite harshly. 4 fully equipped fire engines came racing to Schloss Spetzgart and most of us (except those who didn't wake up from the ear-blowing alarm) gathered to watch the false alarm being diagnosed by experts... luckily breakfast wasn't far...
Sunday evening saw the first FES concert in the Härlen aula with an enthusiastic audience listening to Dvorak Serenades, percussion pieces, excerpts from the Sandström Messiah, Poulenc brass trio and more - a wonderful two hours programme to start our concert phase. Today we did run-through rehearsals for both MESSIAHs and now we're looking forward to tomorrow's first Händel performance in Überlingen. Oh, not to forget: we just return from the "open stage" evening where the FES musicians performed for each other most lovely pieces of all different kinds. We'll publish parts of it as soon as we get home. Watch out! Now the Überlingen office will be closed soon - same as the webcams which are going offline soon. We'll be back with impressions from the concert tour in some days.

Comments by Tobias |  Photos by Hollie

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