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Saturday, August 15

It's Saturday already and we only now find the time to post the news. We hope you understand that perfect weather, long days, short nights, shooting sessions for the Musikfest Stuttgart, well - ahem - going for a swim in the Lake Constance, and (not to forget) rehearsing Händel's and Sandström's "Messiah" does not allow for epic descriptions of our activities. So here's the facts: Except for Przemek who sadly got ill and whom from here we wish all the best everybody arrived safely. Just one missing suitcase was reported. Friday afternoon more brass players arrived and now fill the courtyard with good vibrations - topped by bone-shattering uproar from the percussion room. Try to combine this with the powerful and great sounding choir and strings, add the winds and you can get a first though not really precise impression of the Sandström "Messiah". A most exciting work! Should you be under 20000 miles from Germany there will be almost no excuse not to come and listen to our concerts. This was the ouverture - more is to come after monday's boat trip.

Comments by Tobias |  Photos by Hollie

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