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Friday, August 21

And so we enter the final third of our stay in the Salem International College. As was mentioned already (was it?) weather is fair, temperatures up to 35°C (around 10055 Fahrenheit for those who are not familiar with the German system) which makes you want to ride a M******* Cabriolet... which some of us did! Musically we have completed the main works MESSIAH & MESSIAH. Now we just have to make some amendments here and there tomorrow, and then let it sit for a day. But don't expext us to do nothing but play table or "grown-up" ping pong all day (or night) - we even have a full concert programme prepared for Sunday evening! Last night, when the FES staff went for a short swim in the lake most of the FES musicians found their way to the famous - if not notorious - cave party. 300 candles were lit to create a mystical atmosphere. The singing of some rather "shallow" tunes didn't add much to this but still it was a great party! Now we're looking forward to our first concert weekend with many more to follow. Stay tuned and have a lovely weekend!

Comments by Tobias |  Photos by Hollie

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